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About WTN

Watch That Negro is the progressive heart of the millennial and Gen Zer of color. WTN shares poetry and op-ed pieces written in the form of letters ranging from politics to art, to stories of struggle and self-love, thereby emphasizing social awareness in our society.   


We facilitate consciousness in our audiences by empowering millennials of color and fostering an environment for critical dialogue directed towards specific groups.

History of WTN

Founded in Washington, DC, Watch That Negro is a recognition of the lack of accurate representation of people of color in modern Western media. Particularly moved by the contemporary social issues usually painted by Eurocentric values, we aim to more accurately reflect Black and brown sentiments and to help end the silencing of oppressed demographics.

The Name

"Watch That Negro" is a lyric in an unreleased song written by Monique Bingham. In the song, Bingham repeats the phrase while watching a man groove on the dance floor. He expresses himself in his most natural way. It's this expression that WTN seeks to embody in its submissions and its contributors. We want the world to watch us do us.

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