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October 2, 2018

A short observation of the issues of race and racism in Argentina from the perspective of study abroad students. (Differing views of race and racism in Argentina in 2018) This documentary uses a compilation of interviews study abroad students of minority descent, indigenous rights experts, and an anthropologist about the discussion of their experiences and studies involving race...

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For Streamlined Activists, 

Waking up the morning of January 8th to just about everybody on the internet crowding my social media feeds with denunciations of H&M following the release of the now-infamous “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” hoodie, I was immediately struck by...

Dear Travelers,

I traveled to Le Chateau de Versailles recently and felt relatively unimpressed, disappointed, bored, and sort of sad. How could one ever be unimpressed with such majesty, such royalty—the epitome of grace and bourgeois? Easy. It’s not real. Fake marbl...

For my 20th birthday, my Black parents and I decided to see the critically acclaimed 9 time Tony award winning play “The Book of Mormon.” A play supposedly satirizing Mormonism, a religion born out of white American culture in the 1800s. Who better to poke fun at deepl...

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"Dear White People: Well-Meaning Paternalism is Still Racist"

Chloe Valdary