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We are seeking op-eds and poetry on a wide range of topics from social justice to self-love from the perspective of oppressed peoples and our true allies. You have something valid to say and we will use our platform to make you heard. 

Guidelines for op-ed:

  • All we ask is that you write in the name of liberation.

  • Additionally, include your name (you may use a pseudonym), age and other identities that you think help define who you are and what your perspective may be (eg. race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, etc.)

  • Length: Minimum 400 words. Maximum 2000 words.

There are no requirements for poetry.

For other submission types, please email us directly.

​We will contact you to revise and edit, and to select an image to accompany your piece before publishing on Watch That Negro​. 

Thanks for submitting to WTN!

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