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For white pride enthusiasts

Hey White Pride,

In the most academic way I know how, I'm going to explain to you why white pride is racist and Black pride is not.

I recently came across an an essay titled "Eurocentrism vs Afrocentrism: A Geopolitical Linkage Analysis," which delves into the the mental nuisances of each culture. By breaking down each movement’s origin and practical application, the goals of Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism and how they differ and interact are unveiled. In analyzing this study, it’s clear that Black history is not linear. Growing up, the most we are taught about Black history begins with slavery. After a brief overview of Abraham Lincoln’s benevolence, American public school curriculums make a bee-line to the Civil Rights Movement, concluding with President Obama’s inauguration. Suddenly everyone loves everyone. However Black history is much more than this and it is not a linear progression. We did not, as Drake says, "start from the bottom now we're here." To legitimately teach Black history is an undertaking of massive proportions. Our history pre-dates the monumental medical and mathematical achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and the regal prowess of Mansa Musa who had so much gold he completely devalued its worth. Black history is a spiral of successes and trials, a continuous flowing motion of priceless experience and knowledge pouring fluidly into the next generations mold. Afrocentrism exceeds ethnic cheerleading and Twitter rants. Afrocentrism is vital to the spirit of Black human beings globally. In a Eurocentric dominated society where Black people are presented as thugs, savages, uneducated and uncivilized, Afrocentrism is the beacon of accurate history and teachings. It has become an apparatus which helps drive us forward as a people and unify us. This geopolitical mindset which Eurocentrism breeds is the reason why white people or people of European descent have an unremitting need to "save" us. Eurocentrism is in fact synonymous with ethnocentrism and this has conditioned the Caucasian attitude toward people of African descent. Eurocentrism does not aim to uplift or empower; rather, it is exclusive and strives for global supremacy which ultimately leaves no place for African peoples, expect in servitude and as second class citizens. It's quite ironic how Eurocentrism prides itself on being pioneers of exploration, education and culture due to the fact that up until African influence they lived in darkness. As explained by John Henrick Clark in 1970:

Civilization did not start in European countries and the rest of the world did not wait in darkness for the Europeans to bring the light... most of the history books in the last five hundred years have been written to glorify Europeans at the expense of other peoples. Most Western historians have not been willing to admit that there is an African history to be written about and that this history predates the emergence of Europe by thousands of years. It is not possible for the world to have waited in darkness for the Europeans to bring the light because, for most of the early history of man, the Europeans themselves were in darkness. When the light of culture came for the first time to the people who would later call themselves Europeans, it came from Africa. Later, (Europeans) would colonize world scholarship, mainly to show or imply that Europeans were the only creators of what could be called a civilization.

Simply put: white pride is stemmed in racist a agendum and is completely unnecessary in a world dominated by your standards, your rules and your money. Black pride is about overcoming these hurdles placed before us by white pride and reconnecting with our stolen roots. So the next time you feel like tweeting about white genocide from your MacBook computer while drinking your eight dollar cup of coffee really think about what you're doing.

Don’t believe the hype,

Drew W.


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