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7 Things We're Leaving and Keeping in 2017

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

When progression is under attack, it’s our duty as activists and conscious members of society to continue our fight for a more equal, empathetic, and embracing society. 2016 will surely be one for the books, so we've created this list to remind ourselves to keep on balking oppression.

What We're Leaving in 2016:

  1. Claiming that condoning racist sentiments and behavior is not racist itself (i.e. “non-racist” Trump supporters).

  2. Allowing micro-aggressions to go unchecked. Say no to white fragility.

  3. Reducing mental health issues to jokes or attempts to seek attention.

  4. Voter apathy.

  5. The use of explicitly female terms like “pussy,” “bitch,” and “cunt” to shame and defame men.

  6. The purposeful misgendering of people. Gender pronouns are not “preferences,” they are mandates.

  7. The concept that you should take 'precautions' against sexual assailants in order to combat rape.

We would also like to offset the negatives that we should leave with the positives that we should keep.

What We're Keeping for 2017:

  1. Making an effort to support Black businesses.

  2. Asking new people we meet what their pronouns are.

  3. Acknowledging mental health issues as legitimate.

  4. Protesting injustices of the “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

  5. #BlackGirlMagic

  6. Continuing awareness of global suffering and our collective support of each other.

  7. Understanding the need for and prescribing to a political revolution for a progressive United States.

If you have any suggestions for more things to keep and leave for this new year, let the Negro crew know!

Happy New Year y'all.

#selflove #politics

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