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Dear Mr. Officer

Dear Mr. Officer,

I know you see my here with my hands in the air

Innocent as can be, with some fear in my eyes, but,

please lower your gun before one of us dies.

I'm speaking for the brothers,

sisters and babies that didn't make it.

Please attach some value to my life

before you decide to take it.

Please don't be scared,

I know this situation's tense...

this what you're trained to do

but I'm just a black man and

I ain't done shit to you.

All because I fit the description?

playin' doc the doc

got execution prescriptions...

for resisting...


in my chest, I feel a sharp pain,

one shot rings out, and another in tandem

a woman screams out,

please unhand him!

He ain't do nothing

He's just a kid!

He's a student in college,

He's got reasons to live!

The sirens blare, as the barrel smokes

The cop laughs it off, nervously he jokes

The woman crying tears,

fearful and righteous,

she holds his body in her arms, cold, lifeless.

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