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Black in Amerikkka


I'm as good as dead. At least that's how it feels to be black in Amerikkka. Can't walk down the street, eat candy, be black without cops being scared of ya. See that's the excuse that's letting them off the hook, they feared for their lives but all we had a chance to do was give a quick look.

Then all of a sudden there's a pool of blood...more lost black souls, more lost black love. They fear our greatness, so they fuel our anger ...a never ending cycle of black lives in danger.

They are trying to regulate our population but out of the slumber we will raise a great nation and rise a great nation. You see if you're black in Amerikkka and your very soul is not enraged then you're black in Amerikkka and stuck on its ways.

Wake up, wake up, so we can be free at last, speak to your ancestors and learn from the past. They didn't know that their kindness would destroy everything they built, white supremacy will NEVER show any signs of guilt. That is clear from the way that they get paid for murder, pushing the boundaries of the law just a little further.

When you're black in Amerikkka, you're expendable ...the illusion of inclusion must be very dependable. Bc they hired you to work but you'll never run their companies. But i can see how that 9-5 is all too comforting.

You may not agree with everything i do or say, but if u follow the light in your heart you'll find your way. In Amerikkka, being black is a crime punishable by death, if you don't wake up they'll kill u in your sleep and call it suicide, but it's really theft. Stealing lives, families and body parts. The price of Melanin on the BLACK market is off the charts. I refuse to be a victim of the system, have my family crying and on the other side of my life i have to miss them. Bc I refuse to be a victim of systematic circumstances, i think its high time to realize that the Amerikkka has run out...of chances.


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