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Blood on the Money

Blood on The Money

drugs drugs drugs

Government gave us drugs looking down from above

put em in the metro and watch the beauty of it flow

criminalization, cement cells they facing

politicking, times a ticking

let em beat that case so they can run the district

Trump still President and them cases, dismissed

not with bringing up one’s pass cause mine inflicted

to rid them ways you look forward on your mission

for this electoral college, oozing with so much knowledge

drawing these lines of gentrification

all across the nation

gerrymandering districts, new illiteracy non fiction

we can read yet our knowledge still missing

Drugs giving by the politics above

now with the streets we fell in love

adrenaline, money, girls

ain’t no life like this one

oh the drugs

for that profit you place no one above

blood on the money

cause it’s life under drugs

it’s money over love

for it’s trust none

and show no love

I just been running from the blood

praying on all true love

oh that bloodshed I’m so ready to see done

times been mad for these wars on all fronts to end the great one

money, power, respect all the hustlers rushing to get

the biggest of all gone Trump a fall

for its blood on the money

back to Obama they want to call

twitter fingers something serious, got the world so delirious

urging war off an app

evolution how’d it happen?

just look on twitter

oh these souls unshackling

mark of a beast ain’t no lacking

seeing so much blood on the money

been having my soul feeling funny

#poetry #politics

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