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Feminism Because It Sounds Nice

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Feminism Because it Sounds Nice

Used my brother’s bodies

Like brown tree stumps

On which to stand.

Like their color was your platform.

And when you

And Mott

And Stanton

And all the other suffragettes

With hand painted portraits

And lifetime biopics

And artificial critical acclaim

On bull shit ideologies

Like Republican Motherhood

Gathered upstate

You summoned Isabella Baumfree

‘Cuz her new name sounded nice.

(like a gold token)

And when

She told you

That you used her brothers

For your own advances

Because it sounded nice

And then used them again as a means for reason

When they won

And you lost

She asked you, in New York vernacular,

“Aren’t I a Woman?”

And you recorded her “aren’t”

As “ain’t”

Because southern Negro twang sounded nice.

And amidst dodging man-eating dogs and opening railroad stations

To save my Black ass’s tomorrow

She didn’t have the time to

Learn to write the words she spoke.

And then you birthed daughters who birthed daughters who booked Megabuses

From all parts of Ohio and Oklahoma

And Kansas and those other states that

Don’t nobody know shit about,

—Like the continent they call a country

‘Cuz don’t nobody know shit about—

Into the capital

To spew sentiment like

Intersectionality and universality

Because those sound nice too.

My favorite signs were

The cis,

pink cardboard,

Peach-color crayoned,

Perfectly symmetrical


With perfectly symmetrical penmanship that stated:


Better even,

The ones that explained that pussy power

Trumps Trump’s small hands

Because it sounds nice.

It sounds so nice to oppress women

By oppressing men

For being small

Because men are supposed to be the big ones

And women are small.


52 percent of you

Voted for Trump anyway!

Despite his small hands

#poetry #womanism

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