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Black History Month (Song)

Black History Month by EI8HT



It's EI8HT

Vibe Up

Let me hit you with a riddle

I am like a treasure find the x with no Malcolm in the middle

Now I'm living like a King

And I'm living out my dream

By following the scheme with my team

8th Wonder no Stevie yeah you see me

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,

Rest in peace to Ali

If you come for the kid, you’ll be dreading the results bob Marley

So don’t even start, i’ll be in front like Rosa Parks

And I’m gonna fight for the right to be the best at the end of the night

won’t stop till they screaming A White

I’m a star in these rap wars using all the force to control it like James Earl Jones

I’m just tryna eat, and wanna put a fire beat on BET

I really pity y’all fools like Mr. T, but I think I got a hunch its feeling like black history month

Black history month x4

I’mma jack the title, yeah i’m robbing son

Got haters all over but i’m dodging em

Ignoring all has-beens like Bill

Feeling like a young fresh prince I will

Raking in all the bank feel like Phil

Hit em with the magic I feel so ill

And i’m never ever stopping yeah i can’t stay still

Flowing I’m a poet like Angelou

Go against me real risky yes indeed

Wont stop till my name as big as Winfrey

Thats Oprah yes I told ya couldn’t hear me please move closer

I will be the best composer

All I need is time exposure

Lord on my side watching over

Got my city on my shoulders

All the greats before me and I’m next up

Every month is black history month


Vibe Up

It's EI8HT

EI8HT music MAPSO 973

NJ all day man

This one's for us

#musicart #blackhistory

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