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"The Myth of John Brown"

“The Myth of John Brown” Man this ally shit a myth Who the fuck is John Brown? I watched a room full of white folks sit silently and clap for a skinhead at an open mic night. Your anti-racism is unfamiliar to me, Please, elaborate. 40 degrees out in a sleeveless t-shirt, 14/88 etched on his shoulder And ain’t nobody see it? Was his acoustic guitar strumming too intoxicating for you to read it? White silence is a muthafucka ain’t it? That ally shit for the birds, who the fuck is John Brown? I’ve never met him. When the punchline is blackness, My skin, a comedy skit White boys parody black names and black voices, You giggle dismissively, Offer no more than a "wow" and a smooth transition into the next conversational topic You’re doing "work" right? Combating white supremacy, While simultaneously praying that this time i’ll have a sense of humor. Hoping that THIS time I won’t notice. Having Black friends is such a buzzkill, I know. Where the fuck is John Brown? What’s an ally? I’ve never met one. When bald heads are dead set on asserting their dominance. That ally shit for the birds when the first punch is always thrown by a Black fist. When the pressure of defense always falls back on Black wrists. When you'll hold a picket sign but refuse to swing the sticks Inaction is an action whether you like it or not. Your superstitions are getting niggas killed! You’ll hang out in the dark, but still afraid of ghosts? Who the fuck is John Brown? This gotta be a practical joke. Share my Facebook posts and say you woke, But turn non combative in the face of iron crosses and white cloaks. Won’t speak out until i’m a hashtag, #MondJones gliding down your timeline My legacy immortalized in a tweet and a thinkpiece. Ain’t that some shit? Every bystander is a coward and a traitor. That ally shit for the birds A performance but nothing more Who the fuck is John Brown?


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