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Dear Cisgender Idealism

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Dear Cisgender peoples,

There is a basic, flawed, and exclusive idealism centered around your biology/physiology and the necessary ability to conventionally reproduce. This inaccurate idealism compartmentalizes the lives of human beings, and, as a byproduct, wages both overt and covert genocides on the streets and “behind closed doors”.

In most of our socialized minds, we center the idea of the gender binary and, to a large extent, ourselves around that which normalizes and glorifies the body, identity, and ego of only the White (considering that the layers of patriarchy utilize racial complexes to further instigate power struggle, although the Black masculine is not exempt due to internalization) cisgender masculine man. This socialization invariably alienates all that are not “man”—rather, all that which fail at being what is socialized as “man.” Those who fail to adhere to the rigid and performative maintenance of this patriarchy are violently and typically publicly punished.

To be Transgender is to acknowledge the manipulation of gender through patriarchy and to resist it through existence. Trans threatens your identity and failing systems; you all fear it and all that defies your androcentric gender complex. Hence transphobia. The idea of anything outside of "man with a penis" or "woman with a vagina" terrifies y’all. Especially when your ideals of normalcy and respectability are unchallenged, ignorant, and largely misguided. You remain in your bubbles. At BEST, you ignore us. At worst, we are murdered. At semi-worst, we are disrespected and gaslighted in public humiliations for the maintenance of patriarchy. This ideal of patriarchy negatively affects us all and coupled with the heavy indoctrination of a capitalist system, many of us (I say us to mean us, and also us to mean you too) become the slaves, mules, target practice, and vessels of contrived realities centered around unsustainable delusion that none of us can ever appease—that which we can only fail, without birthright. At the core of the intersections of these manipulating systems, Black Trans feminine peoples, namely Black Trans women, are being murdered. Listen to them and give them their reparations, so we may truly begin our collective liberation as Afro peoples.


Afro’Man Blac

A Black Non-Binary Trans masculine individual redefining manhood


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