White Nights

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Tell me how do you sleep?

How does one sleep

through the screaming of

their brothers?

How do police sleep on

their beds

Warmed by the breath of

their living spouse,

Lulled by the calm of

their quiet house?

How do they sleep?

Unconcerned by the lives

they stole

Unbothered by their


The others

We, the others with your

scorn sticked on the skin

Do you know how we


In the deafening silence of


The sawing pain of raw


Your violence

Our bodies

Our flesh

Your rule that calls for


Imposes strain

Exhaust us

Yet, we don't sleep, we

can't sleep

(But) You do

Denying rest even in


Absorbing our strength

and our breath


You exhaust us

Make empty shells of us

The sound of your

siren becomes clearer,

neater, invasive

I hear it in the streets, on