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Black Community Rising: The War Has Begun

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Revolution is the only way to emancipation: an intro to Black Community Rising

We have been sitting and watching our brothers, our sisters, our people, and our kin being murdered callously at the hands [trotters] of the white supremacist state: a state that looks at us through the lens of subjugation. We are merely ants in their sadistic game, tools to fuel their rapacious system, necks to be kneeled on. Rising death toll, headlines roll, and our people revolt. The war has begun.

I’m tired. Tired of having to witness another Black face crying out, tired of having to explain to white people around me that racism exists, tired of this rigid system of oppression that sees me as a second-class citizen. We’re all tired. Some of them died tired: James Baldwin, Kwame Ture, Nina Simone (to name just a few). Even though I may be tired, the elixir of energy greets me as a pulsating urge for a better future, away from the evil hands of Capitalism. One gulp and my body shakes.

Black Community Rising (currently UK-based) is a revolutionary group for Black and global majority peoples whose aim it is to tear down Capitalism. It is in the last moments of exhaustion that frustration peaks. In this way, it peaked for me into a maelstrom of anger at the current order, producing Black Community Rising in the process.

What do we want? We want a new system. We do not believe in reform. How do you reform a system that is working at its optimum? The system was consciously constructed to oppress our people. The rise of globalized Capitalism was the rise of slavery and colonialism: the rise of Black people in chains. That is not a system worth saving. That is barbarian. Let’s burn it down and make our own world amongst the ashes.

Let’s abolish the police and create our own community resolution networks. Let’s not pretend that institutional education gives a damn about us and instead launch our own education programs. Let’s push for climate justice as our people perish from environmental destruction. Let’s strengthen our youth and our minds because who else will? Let’s establish our own media away from the systematic deceit. Let’s feed our people and put them in secure housing. And ultimately, let us emancipate ourselves and crush all structures that oppress us. Let’s build the future.

The only way to liberate our people is through a complete system overhaul. Our kin must unite and mobilize across national lines. After all, we are the global majority. They can’t stop us all.

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