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Ojii Creative and the Black Arts Movement

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Ojii Creative is a global creative and design house that utilizes partnerships and collaborative thought to enhance the visual literacy of our client base. Our framework reimagines the typical design agency or freelance designer. We like to avoid solely transactional projects (Though for financial reasons we still do take them on), we like taking time to really understand our clients' visions in order to amplify it authentically.

Started at the beginning of 2020 by three friends, visual artists, and Howard University alumni, Ojii has quickly developed into a collective that hopes to grow their role in the black arts movement and community. We chose the name Ojii, which means Black in Igbo, symbolizing our artistic foundations. We are students of true masters in the fine arts, to this day Africobra artist Akili Ron Anderson and James Philips are the architects of our way of progressing our community.

In our 6 month span, we have successfully amplified the visions and brands of major music artists, non-profits, music labels, independent artists, law organizations, fashion designers and many more! In addition to our client work, we’ve implemented and taken on interns to pay and provide educational opportunities to art students attending HBCUs.

Another major aspect we are still building is the live art event space. prior to Covid-19, we were planning a Juneteenth exhibition in NYC. This event would be a follow up from our first successful event partnership in LA called “Not From This World”. There’s a lot of experience we’re gaining in the industry that directly supports our creative house and ultimately our community!

Our dream for Ojii Creative is to ultimately create a design house that transcends the culture and color of the art industry. We want our team to expand its size and skill set for a range of visual creative. I want the companies we individually work to be our regular clients (if not already). Since the pandemic hit we’ve been gaining a lot of support, simply for the dire need for digital content, it’s been a blessing in disguise to have such a role in the development of our community members' visions.

We invite our audience to enter the diverse and complex world of the black creator! Follow or work at @ojii.creative on Instagram and say wassup at

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