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Queer Liberation March: Photo Series

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

On June 28, coming close to the end of Pride Month, a Queer Liberation March took place in New York starting from Foley Square. It was as much of a celebration, as it was a protest. You could constantly here chants ranging from "Black Queer Lives Matter" to "Black Trans Lives Matter" (more specifically). Although we didn't get our Pride Parade due to COVID-19, we came together in the queerest solidarity with the BLM protests taking place country-wide.

In reference to the Supreme Court ruling against LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace, one of our liberation briefings reminds us that, "Although another step in the right direction, the anti-discrimination law is largely state-based in its implementation and only to applies to workers, leaving out housing and public accommodations entirely. Check your states' protections here."

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