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To the tune of Jay-Z's song, "Can I Live" a poem entitled: "Can We Live?"

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Can We Live?

They're watching us closely...

our skin is butter for their bread

this hell on earth is quite toasty.

No matter if we keep our heads

where they supposed to be.

In the books or in the streets,

black skin or brown skin

will get you clapped from close feet

We cant sleep so we're tired..

with our backs and fronts

constantly against the wire.

Russia and China judging us from 4 the fields away..

our pain, we wish it was easy to see

from picking cotton and cane

but we don't get credit for starting industries

I cant lie...

it used to never bother me...

it never hit home, the police brutality.

Then it spread like wildfire..

then cameras got us losing respect for authority.

Crying hard, never really escaped the plantations.

The youth I used to be no longer has those expectations.

No longer label us as black, prefer you say aboriginals.

White supremacy ill for revenues,

media wrapped around their finger

bffs with Fox news

forgetting they looted us first,

convenient amnesia, they set that up too,

yea we know the procedure.

Locked up our bodies

reprogrammed our minds

too easy to explain why we adapted to crime.

I'd rather die for my people than live in torment,

attacking the infrastructure is how we on it.

Devils remaining in power

I wouldn't bet a trip to heaven on it.

Thoughts residing in my head for the season for a reason,

confidentially speaking, big brother always peeking.

The propaganda is real don't be fooled.

We have to play the long game physical and mental,

so what y'all trying to do?

Amerikkka, see you later, with our seat at the table.

Meet me at the one with all black and brown faces and no racists.

This way no cause frauds will prosper,

and we can finally live pleasant lives, sippin freedom.

Yeah, Can we live.....?

Can We Live.......?

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