June 2, 2020

Every Black and Brown death at the hands of the punish-first-de-escalate-later system of policing in the United States deserves to be mourned individually, but as the list of names and faces grows and the pattern of destruction of Black life becomes more self-evident, so do the ominous consistencies. When George Floyd was murdered on March 25 in Minneapolis, the gruesome video ec...

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There’s maybe too much to be said about what is happening right now and communicating my thoughts has seemed impossible. At the risk of echoing so many others, but still so necessary to express, Black people deserve better. Black men deserve better. Black women deserve...

To Major Media Outlets, 

A part of the fight against white backlash and extreme conservative populism exists in how we challenge the public when it labels the people who have championed Donald Trump’s most socially heinous rhetoric. The media has condoned their behavior...

Dear Cisgender peoples,

There is a basic, flawed, and exclusive idealism centered around your biology/physiology and the necessary ability to conventionally reproduce. This inaccurate idealism compartmentalizes the lives of human beings, and, as a byproduct, wages both...

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"Dear White People: Well-Meaning Paternalism is Still Racist"

Chloe Valdary

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